Nathalie Markoch is a Peruvian singer, songwriter & lyricist who dives deep in the realms of metaphysics and the evolution of consciousness. Her music career started in 1998 by writing poetry and later in 2004 writing songs inspired by them. Between 2006 and 2013 she founded HYPNOX, the first Peruvian Nightwish and Epica live tribute band, joined various bands within the local metal scene as the lead singer and also performed as a live guest musician in Lima and Peruvian Provinces.

In 2013 Rafael Nuñez suggested her to release material comprising Nathalie’s singing and songwriting influences at the time. She agreed to release her first album entitled “Influences & Connections Vol. 1”, recorded, mixed and mastered at Shredded Sound Studios in Lima. It includes cover songs from Opeth, Dark Tranquillity, Alice in Chains, Symphony X, Kamelot, etc. Nathalie also included, as a bonus track on this album, her first original song entitled “The Fraud”, which she composed alongside Pepe Gazzo (bassist at Nautiluz).

During this time, Nathalie was invited to collaborate as a lyricist for Mindwalker’s “Walking Alone” (released in 2016) and also as a growler alongside Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire, Angra, Vision Divine) and Jorge Segersbol (Ancestral Dawn, ex-Nautiluz) for Ancestral Dawn’s “Leading to Nowhere” track extracted from their debut album “Souldance” launched in 2017. She was also invited by the band “Ghoul Scream” from Arequipa city to record female vocals for their cover of “Sweet Lover” originally composed by Peruvian band Chaska.

At this point, Nathalie started the songwriting process for her new album in 2015 along with guitar player Elias Checco and Rafael Nuñez. After several months writing material, the band hit Adolfo Gazzo’s Studio to record her 2nd album in that same year. Gazzo produced the album alongside Nathalie, Elias & Rafael and the mastering was done at the famed FASCINATION STREET Studios by Tony Lindgren. This was originally intended to be released as a new solo album, but due to very serious health complications, she postponed it until mid-2017.

Around this time she changed her mind just before the release and asked Elias Checco, guitar player Carlos Roca, bassist Luis Medina, and drummer Fabian Pinto to join her under a new moniker thus giving birth to NMK. With the release of NMK’s first album entitled “Ravenous Spectre”, she founded this melodic death metal act alongside Rafael Nuñez as their manager.

In November 2017, NMK released a video clip for their first single entitled “Lack of Judgment” and in December of that year, they released a video clip for the cover song “Blinded by Fear” originally by metal godz At The Gates, which was produced by Daniel Roman Sairafi (Mindwalker, ex-Valkiria, ex-Battlerage). NMK released their debut album on digital platforms in January 2018 and in digital format in March 2018.

NMK´s first live gig was in March 2018, as the only opening act for Mexican solo artist Anna Fiori at the “Hard Rock Cafe” in Lima – Peru. The band has been playing live in several local metal festivals since then. In May 2018 the band was part of “Metal United World Wide” (a worldwide festival that was streamed online from more than 30 countries simultaneously.

In Oct. 2018 NMK played at “Lima Metal Fest 3” sharing the stage with big names in the metal world such as Fates Warning, Dark Funeral, The Agonist & Enthroned to name a few. Katon W. de Pena, of HIRAX fame, joined the band on stage to perform some of Hirax´s songs and a couple of covers.

In 2019, after some line-up changes, NMK is finally able to move forward by planning the recording of a 3rd video-clip. The band has recently signed up with North American Metal Record Label “Rotted Brain Records”, who will be in charge of releasing & distributing “Ravenous Spectre” worldwide as well as their upcoming EP.

They were the opening act for Spanish symphonic metal powerhouse Opera Magna (Oct 2019) and played in local metal shows until March 2020. In April they’ll be the opening act for Mexican gothic rock/metal legends Anabanta.

Due to the global situation starting in March 2020, NMK won’t be performing live until further notice.  It is possible that the band will be in a hiatus for a period of time unless it is stated otherwise. Furthermore, Nathalie won’t be able to record vocals for any pending collaboration due to the Government’s lockdown. On the other side, she is still offering Lyrics Composition, Vocal Melody Composition, Conceptual Work and Lyrics Translations.

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