[LYRICS COLLAB] Mindwalker – “Street of Dust” Single (Official Lyric Video)

It´s finally out! Mindwalker´s new single “Street of Dust” sounds freaking fucking A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I made a collaboration with leader & guitar player Daniel Roman Sairafi (ex- Battlerage, ex- Valkyria) for the lyrics this song and I love the final product. It´s taken from the new album of Mindwalker entitled “Burning Past”. Especially for you guys, melodic metal and alternative rock fans. Listen to the song in all virtual platforms as well!

¡Disponible ya! El nuevo single de Mindwalker titulado “Street of Dust” suena realmente brutal! Hice una colaboración con el líder y guitarrista Daniel Roman Sairafi para la letra de este track, extraída del nuevo album de Mindwalker titulado “Burning Past”. Para todos aquellos fans de metal melódico y rock alternativo. ¡Escuchen la canción en cualquiera de las plataformas virtuales!



[LYRICS COLLAB] Mindwalker – “Burning Past” (New Album)

Mindwalker Burning Past Artwork

I´m so excited, it´s finally here! I had been working part of last year with my dear friend Daniel Roman Sairafi (ex – Valkiria, ex-Battlerage) on the lyrics of the amazing tracks included on the new MINDWALKER album entitled “Burning Past”. The artwork was created by the well-known Brazilian artist Gustavo Sazes.

Estoy bien contenta de que por fin pueda revelarlo! Estuve trabajando parte del año pasado junto a mi gran amigo Daniel Roman Sairafi (ex – Valkiria, ex – Battlerage) en las letras de los tracks incluidos en el nuevo album de MINDWALKER titulado “Burning Past”. El arte fue creado por el reconocido artista brasileño Gustavo Sazes. 

On vocals, we have the mind-blowing Chris Clancy from UK (Wearing Scars, Mutiny Within, I Legion) and I was kinda worried that he could actually use the vocal melodies and phrasing we composed here in Daniel´s Studio in Lima – Peru, but he pulled everything off just perfectly and did a lot of great stuff with the songs and his way of singing. Can`t wait for you guys to listen to this new rock/metal bomb!

En las voces está el fuera de serie de Chris Clancy de Inglaterra (Wearing Scars, Mutiny Within, I Legion) y estaba un poco preocupada de que el pueda utilizar sin problemas las melodías vocales y el fraseo que compusimos aquí con Daniel en su estudio en Lima – Perú, pero realmente me encantó el resultado pues hizo cosas increíbles con las canciones. ¡No puedo esperar a que escuchen el single! 

[NMK] Nathalie Markoch – Interview with Vokills

[ENG ONLY] I was interviewed by the portal VOKILLS, a site dedicated to recognize the talent of extreme metal vocalists. Thanks a lot to Stefan for such interesting questions! You can read the complete interview by clicking on this link:  Nathalie Markoch on NMK’s album, Iceland and maintaining health


Clean and extreme, Nathalie Markoch from Melodic Death Metal band NMK, can do both. As the vocalist and founder of NMK she’s delivering some sick guttural sounds blended with a powerful clean voice. Hailing from Peru she started singing in a high school choir and developed her own sound through the years.

Listening to Ravenous Spectre i can’t help to think that you must be exhausted after singing those songs live, how do you keep your voice and overall condition in shape?

Well, those songs are indeed quite vocally demanding haha. Before being able to sing and growl this way I used to do operatic singing and taught myself empirically how to properly manage my breath and support my voice. I try to keep not only my vocal chords well hydrated (alkalinized), but my whole body in general, that’s why I don’t smoke/drink and try my best to not consume acid based foods. I suspect those are the main reasons why I manage to do an entire setlist without needing an oxygen tank 😉

NMK - Ravenous Spectre - Artwork

How did you discover your own style of singing and do you have advice for other singers looking to develop their own sound?

While I was recording “Influences & Connections Vol. 1” I learned to sing with different types of voice. I realized that my own lyrics were more suited for a more aggressive approach than the one I learned to use while I was practising to sing classically. So I took upon myself to sing with my natural voice and to slowly add more strength to it. While rehearsing with NMK, somehow something clicked and growls started to pour everywhere. That’s why we included my growls at the end of the recording process of the album.

My advice to other singers would be to hydrate your body with mainly fruits and lemon water. Always make sure that you are not straining your voice in any way, be a melodic voice or while growling. Singing should feel effortless. Although alcohol seem to “warm your throat”, don’t get near it, it will burn your vocal chords from the inside out with its acids. And lastly, always sing from your heart, with a purpose in mind, to give a message and to show a unique perspective only you can bring forth.

Nathalie Markoch NMK

Back to the album, there’s cool artwork on it, can you tell a little more about it?

Thanks! The artwork was a joined effort by the amazing colombian artist Juan Camilo Mazutier and myself. Juan Camilo hand-drawn and digitally coloured it and I developed the concept. In summary, the concept behind it is the realization of a human being that’s been under various mind control programs his entire life on Earth.

A ravenous spectre (masculine energy, electric, positive pole, proactive) is seen behind an inquisition-like chair, which is feeding off the energy of a woman, representing the suppressed true feminine (magnetic, negative pole, receptive) of the universe. She’s managed to almost free herself from the matrix imposed (hence the broken chains and 1-eye bandage). The skulls beneath represent the remains of the unsuccessful efforts to obtain freedom of her past lives.

The images carved on the chair represent some aspects that those ravenous spectres have taken complete control over a subject’s life. Satanic Ritualistic Mind Control Abuse, Government and Military infiltration, Pharmaceutical take over Natural Medicine and Overall Health, World Banks backhand game disguised as economic aid, and so on. This chair also symbolizes the occult/new age (ouroboros) propaganda against traditional religions as well, etc. All belongs to the same dualistic illusive reality most humans living on the Earth’s surface experience through a tampered perception and altered DNA.


You can read the complete interview by clicking on this link:  Nathalie Markoch on NMK’s album, Iceland and maintaining health

[NMK + LIVE COLLAB] Anna Fiori + NMK en VIVO @ Hard Rock Café Lima

Este Jueves 22 de Marzo a las 11PM estaré presentando con mi banda NMK nuestro disco “RAVENOUS SPECTRE” en VIVO acompañando a ANNA FIORI (México) en el marco de su Tour Latinoamericano 2018 presentando su nuev álbum “IN OHTLI TONALLI”.

Fecha: Jueves 22 de Marzo 2018
Lugar: Hard Rock Café Lima
Dirección: CC Jockey Plaza: Av. Javier Prado 4200 – Surco
Hora: 11:00 PM


En el show estaremos vendiendo los discos físicos, merch a precios promocionales. Más información en el Evento Oficial en Facebook.

Anna Fiori NMK Hard ROck Cafe Lima



NMK – Now Mankind Knows



[REMNANTS] A Kind of Black Magic

A Kind of Black Magic by Nathalie Markoch

Artwork by ValMarK

Unexplainable mystery
We’re unable to comprehend
How could we attempt to guess
The real Infinite’s intent?

A never-ending journey
We are about to entrain
Submerging even deeper
Into Triad’s domain

Now, intent is a two-sided blade
Thus duality here requires two
Polarity between opposites
Is what we’re supposed to fool

Merging them both is the goal
To cancel each other out
To let illusion dissolve
That’s the purpose of it all

But all efforts go to waste
If intent is forced upon
Life around you, creating filters
Diluting the essence of the one

Black Magic acts like a wormhole
Sucking up everything dry
White Magic creates the same reaction
Doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad

Lifeforce slowly leaves your field
The cells start dying one by one
It also creates attachments
To some creatures you might dislike

Surrendered trust in the unfoldment of life
Is what I sturdily uphold
A High Magic Tool would be wise to use
As you start shredding the old

——— ∞ ———

A Kind of Black Magic by Nathalie Markoch

#Remnants Series

[PERCEPTION SHIFTER] Belief Systems Are Our Jail Cell

Los Sistemas de Creencias Son Nuestra Prisión

It’s not that we’re not able to access info that could lead us to a happier, healthier, free and prosperous life experience. Most of us are not even able to register or process it. Refined light (information/perception – masculine, electric in nature) vibrates at a higher frequency (emotion – feminine, magnetic in nature) than most of us. Thus, the high vibrational content ends up being ignored, ridiculed or misunderstood, due to distorted perception. Our bodies work like an antenna/receptor that registers the energy that match with the one we emit. If perception yield emotion and emotion yield to a further more inclusive and expanded perception, it’s logical to conclude that anything that limits our perception is messing with our emotions and limiting our interaction with life.

No es que no tengamos acceso a información que nos guíe a tener una experiencia de vida más feliz, sana, libre y próspera. La mayoría de nosotros siquiera podemos registrarla, o procesarla. La luz refinada (información/percepción – masculino, eléctrico en su naturaleza) vibra a una frecuencia (emoción – femenino, magnético en su naturaleza) más alta que muchos de nosotros. Por lo tanto, la info alta en contenido vibracional termina siendo ignorada, ridiculizada y malinterpretada debido a percepción distorsionada. Nuestros cuerpos funcionan como una antena/receptor que registra la energía igual o similar a la que emite. Si la percepción da paso a la emoción y las emociones dan paso a una percepción más inclusiva y expandida, es lógico concluir que cualquier cosa que limite nuestra percepción está distorsionando nuestras emociones y limitando nuestra interacción con la vida.


Belief Systems Are Our Prison Cell by Nathalie Markoch

Artwork by Valmark

How is it possible to evolve our perception if we’re being constantly dragged like mere puppets by a sick and dangerous Control System mankind is mostly unaware of? Social conditioning programs ourselves to develop a limited and distorted perception of our environment and of ourselves, therefore creating a carefully designed set of illusions. The building blocks of these set of illusions are what I loosely call “Belief Systems” (BS). We’ve inherited them genetically, via programming and indoctrination, from our environment or we’ve created them ourselves through experiences that didn’t yield insights.

Cómo es posible evolucionar nuestra percepción si estamos constantemente siendo arrastrados como míseros muñecos por un Sistema de Control tan enfermo y peligroso del cual la mayoría de nosotros no tiene ni idea? El condicionamiento social nos programa a desarrollar una percepción limitada y distorsionada de nuestro entorno y de nosotros mismos, creando un set de ilusiones muy cuidadosamente diseñado. Los bloques creacionales de este set de ilusiones son lo que yo llamo en líneas generales “Sistemas de Creencias (SC). Las hemos heredado genéticamente, vía programación e indoctrinación, de nuestro entorno o las hemos creado nosotros mismos a través de experiencias que nunca dieron paso a un entendimiento.

The Secret Government, the Elite, the Archons, whatever you want to call this Control System or Matrix, is dependent on us to hold on to these set of illusions. Why? Because we increase their power by decreasing ours. It takes a massive amount of energy from our part to hold these BS in place. BS act like grids that bind awareness particles, therefore limiting our potential. Everything is made of energy and it acts like an etheric currency. The more Belief Systems you hold on to, the more energy you leak.

The more Belief Systems you hold on to, the more energy you leak.

El Gobierno Secreto, La Elite, Los Archons, como quieras llamar al Sistema de Control o a la Matrix, es dependiente de nosotros para que se puedan mantener este set de ilusiones. ¿Por qué? Porque incrementamos su poder reduciendo el nuestro. Se requiere una cantidad masiva de energía de nuestra parte para poder mantener estos SC en su lugar. SC actúan como redes que atan partículas de consciencia, limitando de esta forma nuestro potencial. Todo está hecho de energía y ésta actúa como una moneda etérica. Mientras a más Sistemas de Creencias te aferres, más energía pierdes.

Mientras a más Sistemas de Creencias te aferres, más energía pierdes.

Mankind doesn’t understand the importance of our role within the Cosmos. The Known is the information mankind’s collective conscious already knows. The Unknown is what mankind doesn’t know yet, but cosmic races do know. Now, the Unknowable is what not mankind, nor even the cosmic races know. We are here to access the Unknowable and bring that information into the Known. Mankind’s role is to bring parts of the Unknowable into the Known through experience. The key is self-knowledge by recapitulation (analyze experience and overcome challenges) to gain its insights for stagnant energy to be released and contained within our electromagnetic field.

La humanidad no comprende cuál es la importancia de nuestro rol en el cosmos. Lo Conocido es información que el consciente colectivo ya sabe. Lo Desconocido es lo que la humanidad desconoce, pero que las especies del cosmos conocen. Ahora, lo Incognoscible es lo que ni la humanidad ni ninguna especie del cosmos ha conocido jamás. El rol de la humanidad es de traer partes de lo Incognoscible hacia lo Conocido a través de la experiencia. La clave es el auto-conocimiento vía recapitulación (analizar la experiencia y disolver los obstáculos) para obtener el entendimiento, así la energía estancada es liberada y contenida dentro de nuestro propio campo electromagnético.

It’s up to us to start looking for the true origin of the resistance we have to life. Its emotional form is depression, hopelessness, powerlessness. Its mental form is negativity, comparisons, judgments. It’s physical form is sickness, aging, destructuring and death. If you are experiencing any of this kind of low vibrational frequency based indicators, that’s exactly your road to freedom. Taking a good look at those feelings, behaviors, thoughts, illnesses and you will absolutely find the root cause of those illusions to tackle them down to reveal the true expression of the self. BS (artificial in nature) take the place of authentic expression when it’s lost. Authentic expression means to express fully in the moment, with a silent mind and an open heart.

What we resist, persist. What we focus on, increases.

Depende de nosotros el comenzar a buscar el verdadero origen de la resistencia que tenemos hacia la vida. Su forma emocional es la depresión, desesperanza, impotencia. Su forma mental es la negatividad, las comparaciones, el prejuicio. Su forma física es la enfermedad, desestructuración, la muerte y el envejecimiento. Si estás experimentando alguna de estos indicadores de baja frecuencia, ese es exactamente tu camino hacia la libertad. Échale un buen vistazo a esos sentimientos, actitudes, pensamientos, enfermedades y encontrarás de todas maneras la raíz de esas ilusiones para poder eliminarlas y ver la verdadera expresión de tu ser. SC (artificiales en su naturaleza) toman el lugar de la expresión auténtica cuando ésta ha sido perdida. La expresión auténtica quiere decir el poder expresarse plenamente en el momento, con una mente silenciosa y un corazón abierto.

Lo que resistimos, persiste. En lo que nos enfocamos, incrementa.

Remember, our perception alters our DNA. On one hand, limited awareness suppresses and degenerates it. On the other hand, expanded awareness repairs and re-activates dormant parts of it. Let’s be conscious of the fact that we create our own reality each and every single moment, regardless if we’re awaken or asleep.

Recuerden, nuestra percepción altera nuestro ADN. Por un lado, la consciencia limitada lo suprime y lo degenera. Por el contrario, la consciencia expandida lo repara y reactiva las partes dormidas. Seamos conscientes del hecho que nosotros creamos nuestra propia realidad a cada instante, sin importar si estamos despiertos o dormidos.

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[LIVE COLLAB] Pegasus ft. Nathalie Markoch @ Friki Fest III (Media)

Pegasus ft Nathalie Markoch @ Friki Fest 2017

¡El show de PEGASUS en el Frki Festival III en el Mall del Sur fue todo un éxito! Gracias a toda la gente que fue (¡casa llena!), coreó todas las canciones, se divirtió, se sacó la mierda en el pogo, perdió celulares, se le cayeron las llaves de su casa, se les perdieron hijos xD, en fin… Esas cosas pasan cuando le inyectas una buena dosis de metal a las ya geniales canciones de los animes que tanto nos gustan 😉

We had a blast on Sunday’s show! Thanks to everybody who showed up (the house was packed!), sung along, had fun, lost an eye on the mosh pit, lost cellphones, dropped house keys, lost children lol, anyways… these things happen when you add a little bit of metal to the  awesome anime openings we already love 😉

Como algunos ya sabían, desde el show del Fan Fest que estoy enferma con gripe y dolor de garganta y cuerpo. Sólo diré que el día anterior y toda la mañana del domingo estuve sumergida en extracto de rabanito, te de ajo y kion, haciendo gárgaras de nabo con limón y poniéndome rodajas de cebolla en los pies. Si, ya se… olía más o menos a Ocopa (plato típico arequipeño), jajaja! Era eso o quedarme en cama. ¡Y funcionó! (Gracias Rafo, me salvaste <3).

Some of you know I had been sick with the flu with the typical symptoms since the Fan Fest show. I will only say that the day before and the same morning I was swimming in radish extract, garlic and ginger tea, doing turnip and lemon gargles and putting onion slices on my feet. Yeah I know, I smelled kinda like Ocopa (typic peruvian dish) hahaha! It was that or stay in bed. And it worked! (Thanks Rafo, you saved the night <3).

¡Gracias a todos por la gran acogida! En especial a los chicos de Pegasus por la invitación, Santos Mache/Maribel Soyoku y Rafael Nuñez por las fotos,  a los que subieron los videos al final del post a Facebook/ Youtube y a la Legion Tail. ¡Nos vemos en el próximo show! \m/_\m/

Thanks to everybody! Specially to all Pegasus members for inviting me, to Santos Mache/Maribel Soyoku and Rafael Nuñez and for the amazing photos, to the ones who uploaded the videos that are at the bottom of this post to Facebook/Youtube and to Legion Tail. See you guys next time \m/_\m/!


Pegasus ft Nathalie Markoch @ Friki Fest 2017

Pegasus ft Nathalie Markoch @ Friki Fest 2017






Pegasus ft Nathalie Markoch @ Friki Fest 2017
Pegasus ft. Nathalie Markoch @ Friki Fest 2017 III

Pegasus ft. Nathalie Markoch @ Friki Fest 2017 III

Pegasus ft. Nathalie Markoch @ Friki Fest 2017 III

Pegasus ft. Nathalie Markoch @ Friki Fest 2017 III

Pegasus ft. Nathalie Markoch @ Friki Fest 2017 III