[REMNANTS] Beauty in Apathy

It's as though I'm living life anew A different perspective Has opened before my eyes A new light I see (...)


[REMNANTS] A Kind of Black Magic

Unexplainable mystery We’re unable to comprehend How could we attempt to guess The real Infinite’s intent? (...) http://www.nathaliemarkoch.com

[PERCEPTION SHIFTER] Belief Systems Are Our Jail Cell

(ENG) It's not that we’re not able to access info that could lead us to a happier, healthier, free and prosperous life experience. Most of us are not even able to register or process it. Refined light (information/perception - masculine, electric in nature) vibrates at a higher frequency (emotion - feminine, magnetic in nature) than most of us. Thus, the high vibrational content ends up being ignored, ridiculed or misunderstood, due to distorted perception.

[REMNANTS] Madness Within The Dream

Debris accumulated in the deep depths of hers Inner wisdom unable to be accessed For the density of veils is too thick to trespass And the energy to do so is ultimately so scarce (...)

[PERCEPTION SHIFTER] Self-Sovereignity | Are you being authentic?

#PerceptionShifter | Being authentic is a survival tool and a rebelious act. | http://www.nathaliemarkoch.com