[REMNANTS] A Kind of Black Magic

A Kind of Black Magic by Nathalie Markoch

Artwork by ValMarK

Unexplainable mystery
We’re unable to comprehend
How could we attempt to guess
The real Infinite’s intent?

A never-ending journey
We are about to entrain
Submerging even deeper
Into Triad’s domain

Now, intent is a two-sided blade
Thus duality here requires two
Polarity between opposites
Is what we’re supposed to fool

Merging them both is the goal
To cancel each other out
To let illusion dissolve
That’s the purpose of it all

But all efforts go to waste
If intent is forced upon
Life around you, creating filters
Diluting the essence of the one

Black Magic acts like a wormhole
Sucking up everything dry
White Magic creates the same reaction
Doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad

Lifeforce slowly leaves your field
The cells start dying one by one
It also creates attachments
To some creatures you might dislike

Surrendered trust in the unfoldment of life
Is what I sturdily uphold
A High Magic Tool would be wise to use
As you start shredding the old

——— ∞ ———

A Kind of Black Magic by Nathalie Markoch

#Remnants Series


[REMNANTS] Madness Within The Dream

Madness Within The Dream Artwork

Artwork by ValMarK

Debris accumulated in the deep depths of hers
Inner wisdom unable to be accessed
For the density of veils is too thick to trespass
And the energy to do so is ultimately so scarce

Eons of Karma slowly smashed into subconscious
It’s not the only level it has infiltrated into
Invisible to the human eye, I’m afraid
So much forgetfulness we’ve encountered

How could we feel anything
If we’re so numb up to a point
Where we assume it’s alright
To be cut off from Source?

“The Madness within the Dream”
I think the Seer quietly called
Showing that mirrors reflect
What the dream cannot

Illusion, our constant reminder
A key to unlock our flairs
Hidden inside reality’s playground
The polarity is so intense in this realm

It’s up to you to be able to strengthen
The close bond you should have with yourself
The nightmare of being abandoned
It’s but a sign you are being led by your head

——— ∞ ———

by Nathalie Markoch


#Remnants Series