Nathalie Markoch – Influences & Connections Vol. 1 (2014)



1. Beware the Heavens (Sinergy)
2. Harvest (Opeth)
3. Ever Dream (Nightwish)
4. Nutshell (Alice in Chains)
5. Promises (The Cranberries)
6. Tides of Time (Epica)
7. Forever (Kamelot)
8. My Last Breath (Evanescence)
9. Dreaming Light (Anathema)
10. Candlelight Fantasia (Symphony X)
11. Transitory (After Forever)
12. Auctioned (Dark Tranquillity)
13. She is my Sin (Nightwish)
14. Victory (Heavenly)
15. The Fraud (Nathalie Markoch)

The original song “The Fraud” was composed by Nathalie Markoch and Pepe Gazzo. Lyrics by Nathalie Markoch.

All vocals by Nathalie Markoch. All growls by Rafael Nuñez. All guitar & bass recordings by Pepe Gazzo. Recorded, mixed and mastered in 2013 at Adolfo Gazzo´s Studios in Lima – Peru.

Artwork by Zemog
Photography by Jose Cuadros
Original Concept by Nathalie Markoch

Very limited copies available in digipack format. Order it sending an email to

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