NMK is a melodic death metal band from Lima (Peru), influenced by the sound of Carcass, At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity, and Symphony X with a unique twist of mixing clean vocals with growls, melodic and technical metal. The concept behind the band involves metaphysics, alchemy, perception and the evolution of human awareness.

NMK es una banda de death metal melódico original de Lima (Perú), influenciada por bandas como Carcass, At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity y Symphony X creando un sonido propio en base a la mezcla de voces limpias con guturales, metal melódico y técnico. El concepto detrás de la banda incluye la metafísica, alquimia, percepción y la evolución de la consciencia humana.

NMK - Ravenous Spectre - Artwork

debut album entitled RAVENOUS SPECTRE was released on January 27th, 2018. in all digital platforms like Spotify, AmazonMusic, iTunes, GooglePlay, Deezer, etc. The physical release is available through NMK´s STORE.

El álbum debut de NMK se titula RAVENOUS SPECTRE fue lanzado en formato digital el 27 de Enero del 2018 en todas las plataformas digitales como Spotify, AmazonMusic, ITunes, GooglePlay, Deezer, etc. La versión física del álbum está disponible en la tienda virtual de NMK

NMK - Ravenous Spectre - Promo

The band has published the official videoclip of their 1st single entitled “Lack of Judgment” on their Youtube Channel. Available also on Spotify, Soundcloud and iTunes.

La banda ha publicado en su Canal de Youtube el videoclip oficial de su primer single titulado “Lack Of Judgment”. Disponible también en Spotify, Soundcloud and iTunes.


NMK - Lack of Judgment - Artwork

On December 16th, NMK published a video clip for “Blinded by Fear”. a cover song they recorded, originally written by the legendary melodic death metal band from Sweden, AT THE GATES. Available on Spotify.

El 16 de Diciembre lanzaron el videoclip oficial de “Blinded by Fear”, un cover de la legendaria banda de melodic death metal sueco, AT THE GATES. Disponible en Spotify.

The band is currently promoting the album and starting to compose their upcoming release in 2020. More info on the website: www.nmkmetal.com

La banda está promoviendo el álbum mientras arranca la fase de composición de su próximo material pleaneado para el 2020. Más información en su website: www.nmkmetal.com

P - Nathalie Markoch


Nathalie Markoch – Vocals & Growls
Elias Checco – Guitar
Carlos Roca – Guitar
Luis Medina – Bass
Fabian Pinto – Drums



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