• Co-composition for all songs
  • Lyrics composition for all songs
  • Vocal melody composition for all songs
  • Conceptual work and references for all artworks
  • Recording of all clean vocals
  • Recording of growls (exception: The Fraud)
  • Co-production of the album
  • Leadership and co-management of the band
  • Social Community Manager and further administrative/marketing tasks.

NMK - Ravenous Spectre - ArtworkNMK – RAVENOUS SPECTRE (ALBUM 2018)

1. Awareness
2. Outrage
3. Lack of Judgment
4. Condemned to Existence
5. Bloodstream
6. Backhand Game
7. Let them Come
8. The Fraud
9. Ravenous Spectre
10. The Dark Night of the Soul

NMK (Now Mankind Knows) is a Peruvian metal band influenced by Carcass, At The Gates & Symphony X. Their sound is based on the mix of clean vocals with guttural, melodic and technical metal immersed in metaphysics & the evolution of consciousness. See the work I did on their previous release here.

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